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The Road to Rent Bridge Has Been an Epic Journey

While in law school, Michael fell in love with real estate, buying his first investment property while balancing a full course load. That love of real estate led Michael to practice real estate law for 8 years, becoming a partner at North Carolina’s largest residential real estate law firm. After a successful career in law and selling an investment management firm, Michael ventured into property management. Starting from scratch, Michael began building a fast-growing property management company in Dallas, TX.

Meanwhile, Heather was pursuing a career in education administration and curriculum development. Having a background in biological sciences allowed Heather’s career to take a sharp turn into the oil and gas industry as a petroleum geologist.

Michael and Heather’s paths crossed while searching for investment properties in the Dallas area. That meeting soon led to Heather joining Michael in running his property management company. The company flourished under their joint efforts, eventually leading to its acquisition by the largest third-party property management firm in the country.

During this time, Michael and Heather found that they had more in common than just real estate, and in 2016, they married. Soon after, Heather started Rent Bridge and began consulting for property management companies across the country while Michael worked as an executive for a national institutional property management firm. Not wanting Heather to have all the fun, Michael joined Rent Bridge full time in 2017.


Today, Rent Bridge is flourishing, helping property management companies grow and become more profitable. Rent Bridge has expanded its services to Inbound Marketing as a Certified Hubspot Partner, as well as online property management education through Rent Bridge Academy.

Our Team

Heather Park
Managing Partner
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Michael Park
Managing Partner
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Chief Morale Officer

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Rashid Rehman
Creative Designer
Laura Black
Vice President of Content Marketing
Stacey Norris
Associate Analyst
Blais William Case
Senior Consultant
Alexis Eaglin
Account Manager

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