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5 Ways to Attract New Clients

No matter how many clients you have, attracting new business is always a priority. New clients will diversify your management portfolio, bring in additional revenue, and help you grow. Even if you have enough contracts and aren’t looking to bring in new business, nurturing leads will ensure that you can bring on clients when you need to. Here are 5 ways we help our clients with property management lead generation.

Clearly Define Your Value Proposition

As we’ve touched on before, a unique value proposition is your brand’s statement to the customer that tells the customer how you are going to make their life better by choosing your company.

Consumers want to know how your company is going to solve their problem, how you will meet their needs, make their time as a property owner easier and why your company is better than the local competition.

Define Your Market

Owners want to work with property managers who want to work with them. If you can clearly define the geographic location you are working with, along with the property type and client types, then clients searching for property management services online will be able to find you easier.

For example, a property owner seeking a management company will probably search google for “property manager in (city) (state) for single family home” or “residential management company near me.” To capture these clients be sure to include the locations and types of properties you serve in your sales pitch.

Create a Dynamic Inbound Lead Campaign


Inbound marketing

Inbound is the future of marketing for all types of businesses, not just property management. What is inbound marketing? Traditional marketing is focused on interrupting the consumer - online, in print, radio, etc. Inbound marketing is focused on letting the consumer find you, see the value you provide and then seek out your services.

While it might sound too good to be true, it certainly isn’t. There is a flourishing market of inbound marketing agencies that can help you develop your inbound strategy so you can generate more leads 24/7.

Professional Marketing Materials

Property management leads come from more than just the internet, which is why your marketing materials online and offline need to be professional. Skip the print-it-yourself materials and spend a little more for professional printing and design. After all, if you don’t believe in your company enough to invest in your materials, why would an owner?

Business cards, flyers, and yard signage are all potential first impressions you may be making on an owner looking for a management company, so they should communicate quality.



Brand strategy

Your brand should be clearly defined and easily recognizable so potential clients can remember you easily. Do you have a clearly defined brand? Can you answer yes to these five questions?

  • Does your brand tell a story unique to you?
  • Does your brand have a personality and identity, and can your employees define it?
  • Could an outsider determine what sets your brand apart from other similar companies?
  • Does your brand have a consistent look and tone across all platforms?
  • Does your brand have a clearly defined unique value proposition?

If you cannot answer yes to most of these questions, consider how difficult it may be for your potential clients to determine what your company is about and whether it is a good fit for them. Do you think you would be memorable if your brand was hard to understand?

If you master these 5 ways to attract new clients you should never have a hard time finding new clients and keeping your property management business thriving.

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