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A Guide to Property Management Marketing: Blogging | Rent Bridge

Written by Heather Park
Dec 29, 2020   |   8:15:00 AM

Blogging is a great way to drive inbound leads, nurture them, build your brand, and drive traffic! Plus, a blogging strategy is usually something affordable that you can do on your own when starting a property management company.

The bloggers at Rent Bridge have learned a lot about blogging for property management websites in the years that Rent Bridge has been on the scene doing our thing, and our blogs drive thousands of visits to our site. They are a crucial part of our marketing strategy, and we think they should be a part of yours as well!

Whether you have just started building your property management marketing strategy or you're looking for ways to improve, we've put together a collection of information for you to bring your blogging game to the next level.

Blogging on your own website is essentially 'free' marketing space, so be sure to take advantage of this to up your traffic!

Blogs Are a Pillar of Smart Inbound Campaigns

Blogging is an important part of any good marketing campaign! Blogging helps you create a steady stream of repeat visitors to your property management website that will spend time on your site, click through multiple pages, and send those good signals to Google that your site is relevant.

Blogging is also a great way to nurture potential clients into leads through education! Learn more about blogging as an important pillar of your inbound marketing strategy here:

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Creating Great Blog Content

Property management blogging begins with great content! What is great content? Usually, it is content that answers the questions that property owners have when they are considering whether they need to hire a property manager, and then who to hire (you, if you answer their questions!). 

Usually, you can start with your sales team and answer their most common questions, but where do you find content for your property management blog?

We give some great blog idea-generating tips in these posts from the inbound experts: 

Turning a Blog Into So Much More!

Content is king in the inbound marketing world—but it can be hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas week after week over time. The good news is you can take the ideas that have already worked for you and turn them into additional content more easily than you might realize!

Learn how to turn every blog you write into multiple pieces of inbound-worthy content in this blog:

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Vlogging and Your Property Management Blog

Vlogging is one of the many ways to turn your existing blog ideas into more content, and adding a video to your blogs is incredibly easy! If you already wrote the blog, you'll be familiar with the content, so recording a quick two-minute video to add to your blog will be a piece of cake.

  • You can post that vlog to your YouTube channel, share it on social media, and more.
  • Plus, of course, adding it to your blog post gives those who would rather watch than read exactly what they're looking for.

Plus, adding a video and updating your blog post leads us to our next point: updating your blogs regularly for more SEO juice!

First, learn more about vlogging in this blog:

Updating Your Property Management Blog Posts for SEO

It is important to keep your content relevant and up-to-date, or you'll risk losing hard-earned placement to your competitors who are keeping their content fresh.

  • Google regularly releases algorithm updates meant to improve their search results and help users find the best information.
  • The best information is not only relevant but timely—and a blog post from two years ago is going to be older information than one from two weeks ago.
  • Google recommends keeping your blog posts up to date and removing content that is no longer accurate.

That post about a concert from two years ago? You can probably get rid of it. The post about a new legislative update? You should revisit it to ensure the content is still accurate.

When updating blog posts for SEO, use these tips:

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