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Laura Black
Inbound Marketing | Blogging

Blog Content Is a Crucial Part of Your Marketing for Property Management

Written by Laura Black
Aug 15, 2019   |   8:15:00 AM

Even when you have a wealth of knowledge and property management expertise, it is reasonable to run into moments of "writer's block." No one likes to realize that they've exhausted all the ideas they originally came up with to write about for a company blog.

Developing a content strategy for your property management marketing campaigns often begins with a wealth of information and ideas, but after a while, the creativity fountain may start to run dry. How can you keep your blog bustling with useful ideas? Here are some ideas.

Brainstorm Without Pausing

Brainstorm Concept on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.Whether you've spent the day working with tenants, maintaining properties, or at the office working on paperwork, take a 10-minute break and pull out some paper. Try brainstorming about:

  • Problems your company solves
  • Questions your clients have
  • Questions tenants have for your company
  • Ideas for getting to the next level as a company

No matter what you write, it counts at this point: no punctuation is necessary, even! Just keep adding to the list until you cannot think of any more words to add. What you have in front of you may seem like a mess, but it is the first step to a much more diverse blog.

Divide Up and Multiply

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Now, you can do this next stage in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to type up the best parts of their brainstorm as an organized list of blog posts, while others prefer first to highlight ideas that could become a whole new piece of content. However you do it, the goal is to divide up all the blocks of text in your brainstorm into smaller, blog-sized ideas. 

So if you wrote a long sentence but want to pull out the one section on "what tenants look for in a rental," you could either highlight that section of the sentence in a particular color, or you could type that part up in its line in a content ideas document on a computer.

Afterward, it is time to multiply. For every good idea, see if you could break it into two or three distinct concepts. For what tenants look for in a rental, you could make a post about:

  • The physical look of the property
  • The available on-site amenities
  • What makes an ideal landlord.

 The goal is to end up with a long list of article ideas. If you've done posts about something similar, don't fear, but do see if you can come up with a slightly different angle. You want to be able to use your expertise, but not completely rewrite older content.

Iterate on Your Competitors

No law says you cannot look at other property management blogs! It won't benefit anyone if you copy or directly write about the same topics as other property management companies, but if you feel like you are on the edge of thinking of something great, scrolling through other blogs can be a way to remember a great idea or prompt yourself to write something else new. Similarly, if your competitors aren't yet writing a blog, their social media presence can sometimes remind you of the kind of content that will reach your audience, and snap you out of an "idea desert."

Consider Customer Questions and Feedback

Most companies have some way to track what customers ask about or their compliments and complaints. These pieces of information may be useful to improve your company, but they are also definitely helpful in bulking up your blog. With each query or feedback point, think to yourself, "what kind of blog post would help address this concern or highlight this high-quality experience that people have with our company?" Often, every piece of feedback can yield its own corresponding blog. 

Ask Your Sales Team

Whether you have multiple salespeople or just one, they know what people ask when they are almost ready to sign up to work with your property management company. While you probably already consider sales frequently in property management marketing, it is important to ask them what the last few hesitations tend to be from those who are considering hiring a property manager. When you can write blog posts that affirm positive ideas about your company and dispel any negative questions or doubts, you create the opportunity to bring people a little closer to signing up with you. 

Marketing your property management firm through a valuable, content-filled blog is a great way to:

  • Bring in new customers
  • Help your existing customers with their landlord work
  • Fill tenants with confidence in your expertise. 

Rent Bridge is here to help you with your property management systems and workflow automation, and marketing. We use tried-and-true formulas for property management success to put your business at the fore. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your blog to attract incoming leads!

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