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Heather Park
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What to Look for When Choosing a Website Built for Growth

Written by Heather Park
Oct 04, 2019   |   1:19:38 AM

When you’re just getting started, your website can be a lot more than just something that makes you look good online! It’s a powerful tool to help earn new business and turn the curious onlookers into customers. A well-designed website on the right platform can also become a long-term customer management solution, helping you to centralize and focus your marketing efforts. Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide on the best web solution for your business.

Select a Platform That Provides Flexibility

No matter how you see your property management business maturing, it’s likely to grow. This growth may mean more than just more properties and tenants. Your business model may soon incorporate more locations, an evolved infrastructure, or even clientele from different demographic groups. To maintain your business’ continuity, all changes will have to be supported by your website.

You will want to choose a platform like HubSpot because that will keep your site fluid and flexible. HubSpot-based sites have a variety of options that can be customized to suit even minor changes to your business model. A website on HubSpot can also be overhauled entirely without having to leave the platform. This flexibility allows you to prevent some of the "growing pains" associated with an expanding property management company.

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Choose a Platform That’s Easy to Edit

Most of your website’s changes will involve minor edits. You may change things such as listing availability, calendar events, prices, images, or videos that showcase your listings. These small changes should be easy to execute. Ideally, you should have the ability to make changes from anywhere—including a mobile device like a tablet.

These kinds of adjustments necessitate a site that can be easily edited whenever you want, wherever you want. The website should have the flexibility to support mobile editing so you can put up a picture right after snapping it on your phone or another device. Furthermore, if you have to adjust availability information as soon as someone signs at the bottom line, you want the ability to make the changes quickly and easily. Easy edits are a feature that's often overlooked until you get into the inner workings of any platform. However, it's crucial to have this option literally at your fingertips.

Integrate Complete Conversion Paths

A conversion path is simply the path a person takes as they are converted from a visitor to a legitimate lead. A complete conversion path involves a few steps that work in succession:

  1. You offer great content that the visitor is willing to trade their contact information to get. Examples of strong content include a short ebook, a list of resources, an in-depth, informative infographic, or a newsletter.
  2. You have a call to action (CTA) that invites the user to enter their contact information.
  3. They then go to a landing page where they enter such details, such as their email address. It can include other info as well, but you should be careful which fields are mandatory: you don’t want visitors to feel like they’re being squeezed for information!
  4. The last page is the "Thank you" page. It is here where they get what you offered them as well as a formal “Thank you.”

A complete conversion path has all of these elements in a sequence. Each of the four phases should be customizable in any way you want. Customization is particularly important if you need to make adjustments to your conversion path. Perhaps you discover an image or color scheme is less appealing than you envisioned, or maybe the wording needs to be tweaked. These adjustments should be simple to implement.

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Choose a Website That Grows with Your Business

If your website opens up with a large, captivating image that encompasses three-quarters of the first page, that may be an effective way to generate interest initially. However, what if you want to change how much of the first page the image covers? What if you feel the menu items should be off to the side instead of at the top because the image is overshadowing them? Whatever CMS you choose needs to give you the freedom to make these kinds of changes.

The Value of a Carefully Designed, HubSpot-Based Site

HubSpot-based sites give you all of the above. HubSpot has invested time and resources into developing a platform that evolves with both the world of business and the needs of individual businesses. The designers and programmers ensure that both the platform ise ready to respond to the ebb and flow of any enterprise, including those of a property management company.

If design still sounds like something a bit out of your depth, we can get you started with an effective website that best fits your specific needs. Rent Bridge will then guide you through the build of a site that matches and enhances the trajectory of your business to maximize your marketing. We know just how powerful a tool a website can be when it comes to property management. Contact us today; let's walk through your website optimization together!

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