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Heather Park
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Google Analytics for Property Managers

Written by Heather Park
Sep 06, 2018   |   9:00:00 AM

As a property manager, you may not be well-versed in all of the sophisticated technology or insider tricks that help you track your online marketing efforts. The good news is there are some simple and free resources you can use to help track your property management marketing efforts such as Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Analytics Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard with Word Analytics on It.

Google Analytics allows you to “analyze user behavior on your website to improve the user experience and ensure the success of your business.” Adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website gives you data that you can use to optimize your site for user experience, which leads to satisfied searchers who are more likely to use your products and services.

Google Analytics tracks:

  • Daily traffic to each page of your website
  • Where web traffic is coming from
    • Social Media
    • Organic Searching
    • Referral Links/Paid Ads
    • Directly
  • Other goals you define such as:
    • How many clicks on a particular link
    • How many contacts forms are filled out, etc.

Why is Google Analytics Useful?

Businessman standing in front of a chalkboard with web design terms written on it

Have you ever heard the saying, “what gets measured gets managed?” This is the basic concept here that the more you measure your web performance, the better you can determine whether your digital marketing efforts are successful.

Google Analytics can give you insight into which pages are bringing the most traffic to your website, which you can then use to create more content (inbound methodology) around those topics users are searching for to build the right resources to meet the needs of the potential customers on your website.

The sooner you start tracking your analytics data, the sooner you will be able to gather enough data to analyze trends and website performance. Any changes you make can add to the data, showing whether your new marketing campaign is getting results or if it needs adjustment.

Do You Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service that will only aid you in improving the effectiveness of your website. There is entirely no reason not to use this tool unless you have better analytics tools at your disposal such as the HubSpot analytics dashboard that integrates every aspect of your inbound marketing campaign.

If you need help setting up Google Analytics for your property management company’s website, contact Rent Bridge. We specialize in all things inbound marketing for property management companies in addition to business consulting for new and existing property management companies in the area.