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Heather Park
Client Management

How Can Property Managers Retain and Delight Clients? Your Communication Is Key!

Written by Heather Park
Aug 20, 2019   |   12:05:00 PM

Running a property management business can be challenging—it can also be highly rewarding. Your commitment to your clients should be at the core of everything you do. You need your clients to be pleased with the property management services that you are providing, or they won't linger long.

Keep these four primary elements of communication in mind; utilize them to retain happy owners and increase your doors.

1. Periodically Remind Owners of Your Services

How do you go about reminding owners of the outstanding services you are providing without feeling like you are boasting? One of the best ways to navigate this is to send your clients consistent updates that highlight your wins. You can format it in an informative way so that it does not feel like a promotional piece. Just as you handle the marketing of your doors, you must also market yourself to your clients.

Make it feel like it's beneficial information that owners should want to know. This can include:

  • How many new move-ins there have been
  • How many residents have been retained through renewed leases
  • The longevity of residents
  • Any other pertinent information that you feel is positive and encouraging.

You can put together stats for social media outlets and your property management website, as well. Highlight any points where there has been an improvement: 

  • Were there more visitors to the site this month?
  • Did the number of Facebook followers rise?
  • How did your Instagram posts do?
  • Were there a lot of shares?
  • Did you receive positive tenant feedback?

Consider putting together a monthly report that can track the successes you are achieving for your clients. It will help them to see how having you on their side is a benefit to their investment. It will also help you to have that information at your disposal when recruiting new owners! Consider making these reports a part of your workflow automation process.


2. Communicate Transparently and Efficiently

It's important to consistently check in with your clients without randomizing their time with you. They want to know they are a priority to you, but you also want to be thoughtful of how busy they are. Consider putting together a regular check-in on your calendar that fits into an owner's schedule. Perhaps every other week or once per month works best. You and your client can work together to find a format and schedule that works best for you both. Property management workflows that include your communication with your client are essential for success!

It is also important to be sure your clients can reach you at any time. Whether it is through text, email, or chat messages. Your contact information should be readily available to your clients, and you should be likewise available to answer their inquiries on any of those devices. Your property management systems should make communication between you and the owners effortless; if they don't, now is an excellent time to evaluate your workflows.

3. Always Maintain Professionalism

There could be individual clients that you connect with more than others. Always be careful never to feel too relaxed with a client. Though it might sting, they don't want to hear about your dog's health or the neighbor that you have ongoing fights with; they want to see you in a professional light. Once that boundary is broken down, it will be more difficult for them to see you as a professional who can manage their investment.

It is also possible you might encounter times where a healthy and productive relationship with a certain client is unfortunately futile. You never want to lose your composure with any owner, though! Keep calm and use it as an opportunity to practice your professionalism. If you find that a client is too difficult to work with, then you might discover that parting ways with that client may be your best course of action. There's no need to spin your wheels with someone who is simply unwilling to contribute to a fair and productive partnership.

Welcome and handshake business people

4. Don't Forget to Delight Your Owners!

Delighting your clients creates lasting relationships. Just as inbound marketing generates leads, using an inbound methodology generates leads who remain clients. The three principles behind it are to attract, engage, and delight. The basic premise is that you help your clients solve problems in the manner in which they want them to be resolved.

Providing outstanding customer service to the owners you work with is how you delight them! Let them know how important they are to you. Try to fulfill their needs and answer their questions before they even realize they have them! Focus on their interests and passions in such a way that they will want to tell everyone they come into contact with how amazing you and your team are. Create a brand ambassador—not just a client. 

At Rent Bridge, our entire team is devoted to delighting our clients. We would love the opportunity to win you over! Whether you're seeking support for your property management marketing or considering workflow automation, Rent Bridge does it all.

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