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Heather Park
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How to Create a Property Managment Content Offer | Rent Bridge

Written by Heather Park
Aug 13, 2019   |   3:59:00 PM

Content offers are the best way to get email leads. Email generates more sales than social media. Creating content that people will want to read and come back to read is the best way to generate an email list. 

Generating an email list through inbound marketing like a content offer gives you potential customers with a number of data points rather than a cold call where you are just tossing things at them to see if they stick. 

What kind of content should you put into a property management content offer? You already have a blog that people can sign up for, how else can you entice landlords to leave you their information? Rent Bridge, a Hubspot Platinum company, has a few ideas for you.


ereader ebook content offer and coffee

One of the best ways to give people value is to provide them with information that they think you want them to pay for. Offering a free eBook with their permission to continue marketing to them is often an excellent bargain for people looking for the information you are sharing. What are some things that you can write a great eBook about?

  • Laws in Your State
  • How to Get the Best Tenants
  • How to Handle Your First Eviction
  • Best times of the Year for Vacancies
  • How to Deal with a Fussy Tenant

You could even write an eBook about your most frequently asked questions. If you use topics that are relevant to your area like laws or events, you will end up with more leads in the area that you service. 

Product Demo

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This is a little different for a property management company, but you can put together a video or a pdf plan of how your company operates and the services that you provide. You could put together a pretend marketing campaign for a property and tell landlords this is the royal treatment that they will receive too. You can end the video with testimonials or a link to your testimonial page.

People could access the video by adding their email address, or they could add their email address after the fact. The point is to give them material that they won't find anywhere else, and that looks great.

You Could Offer Some Business Analysis 

If you have the time to put into a project, you could do 

This information will be heavily dependent on the area you are in. It will also attract interest from many different types of landlords with one property or many, as well as alerting landlords that already have managers to your services that likely outpace others in the area.some research on current projects in the area and futures plans through the town hall. You can then use this information to let landlords know how much their property values may be increasing and how much they should expect to raise the rent when it comes time for renewal.


If you have any presentations from trade shows, or from pitching to past landlords, update them and put them out there as a content offer. You would be surprised what people will give their email addresses away to see. Even if you feel that it has little value, it could prove useful to landlords in your area.


Interview some of your own landlords. Ask them about their success. How their journey was and why they chose to use a property management company. You can even interview popular landlords that do not use your company. 

Show People How to Get Creative

Give people DIY ideas on how to create great tenant amenities for little money. A video on how to install a great fire pit in an outdoor area is one good idea. You could also show people how to put up a clothesline or inexpensively spruce up a hallway. 

Once you create your must-have content, the next step is to figure out how to distribute it. You will want to get it out there through four different channels. One way to do this is to write some blogs about it, grease up the audience for the offer. You can also put suggestions for it in a newsletter. You should be planning social media posts that will entice people to click through to the content offer. You can use your cold email list and distribute to them.

The point is that you need to get the content in front of people to collect information so that you can market to them further. Marketing may be tough, but it is necessary in this world. If you're putting quality content out there that people want and will sign up for you will get the leads, and you will get the sales. You do not need to be flashy and promise people that they will make millions of dollars with you. 

Keep it simple; keep it friendly, keep people happy by supplying them with useful information that they can apply to their business lives. Over time you'll build the kind of online presence that can be counted on for a long time to come.

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