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Property Management Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy to increase and convert the most qualified traffic for your property management business by providing helpful resources, or content, to your target owners.

The content we create includes blogs, checklists, helpful social media posts, etc. that help property owners solve their pain points. When you answer the questions that your owners are asking you are positioning yourself as their go-to resource. When owners are ready to take the next step and hire a property manager, the connection you have built with them brings them to you⁠—the natural solution to their problem.

Instead of interrupting, cold-calling, and trying to force your way in front of an owner, Inbound Marketing helps you open the door for leads to come to you.

The best part of Inbound Marketing? Automation. With HubSpot, we can automate Inbound Marketing to produce even better results.

Why Inbound Marketing?

It works. Inbound Marketing is based on content that solves a problem for the end-user. In property management marketing that end-user is the property owner (and sometimes tenants). If property owners had no problems, they'd very likely have little use for property managers. By solving their problems before ever taking any money from them, you build a relationship they will rely on when they are ready to take the next step. 

Property Management Inbound Marketing focuses on helping owners during the three phases of the buyer's journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. In each stage, the property owner has unique needs that Inbound Marketing helps to solve.


The property owner realizes they have a problem so they set out to do some research on the internet. By creating content that answers their questions, they find your property management website.


The property owner is learning that hiring a property manager would help to solve their problem. The owner continues to read your property management blog, your social media posts, and downloads helpful content offers from your website.


The property owner realizes it is time to hire a property manager for their property. They call the company that has been the most helpful during their time researching their needs.

The types of content that will help a property owner move through the buyers journey and become a lead depend on your market and your buyer persona. That is why we work through the message mapping process with our clients who are implementing property management marketing automation and Inbound Marketing.