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The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing

We love inbound marketing for property management here at RentBridge! There are a ton of ways to bring in property management leads; while inbound isn't a fast method, it is one that will continue to pay returns once you put effort into establishing your presence.

This is true even if you aren't able to keep investing in your content! This is why we have written so much about inbound marketing.

 We have the data, we know it works, and we want to share those results with the property management industry that we support every day.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

As former property managers, we know what questions your leads are asking—and how to answer them. That basic process—using content to answer the questions your leads are asking—is the foundation of inbound marketing. Inbound is a lot more than just answering questions if you want it to produce great property management leads. 

  • Answering questions brings traffic to your property management website.
  • From there, you use more great content that is delivered in a relevant and timely manner to your contacts to nurture them, build trust, and prove you're the property management authority in the area.
  • Inbound marketing brings leads to you—so you're not just stuck cold-calling expired listings and praying for a miracle.

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Why Inbound for Property Managers?

We know you want leads right now; inbound will provide bottom of the funnel leads. You also want leads next month and down the road; nurturing your top and middle of the funnel leads is the key to always having a full (and predictable) pipeline. 

Property management marketing inbound marketing graph

So many DIY landlords take a LOT of convincing to sign on for property management services. Using a property management marketing automation solution with inbound gives you the data that tells you exactly how long they'll need to be nurtured, so you can make those long term plans.

Inbound helps you ensure leads become your client when they're ready for everything you have to offer. How?


  • Keeps your brand at the top of their minds through timely content
  • Helps you learn about your contacts and provide them with answers 
  • Works best with automation so you can work smarter and not harder as a company
  • Creates full-funnel solutions that turn into a flywheel so you can continue to reap the benefits long term.

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How to Master Inbound

Inbound mastery should start with a lot of research! One of the best places to look for the questions that need answering is in your data—you keep that, right?

  • Look at your service tickets, website submissions, and emails from clients.
  • Find a way to keep and categorize this data even if you aren't running inbound yet.
  • This gives you plenty of material when you're ready to get started.
  • Be sure to use a CRM and set it up to collect as much information about your leads as possible.
  • Collect their biggest pain points and send them helpful information on how to solve them.

Your inbound content offers don't only have to be used as downloads; they should be so helpful that your sales team can find value in them as well.

businessman hand working on laptop computer with digital layer business strategy and social media diagram on wooden desk

Measure your results and continuously make data-driven changes. Our team monitors results using both monthly, quarterly, and yearly data to focus on not only the now but also the long-term results of our clients.

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Got Questions? Chat With Us!

The RentBridge marketing team knows how to get results through inbound marketing, paid ads, and automation mastery! We're a group of property management professionals turned marketing experts. We also have some amazing marketing talent from other industries to help keep us well-rounded and on top of our marketing game. 

We're continuously learning and improving our results—and with it, our prices. Schedule a chat with our sales team to learn about it—and, if you haven't already, get on our mailing list! We're going to be making some pretty great announcements soon you won't want to miss.

Just use the link below to book a meeting with us, or head over to our resources page to check out all of the free materials we've created for property managers over the years. There are great resources for sales, marketing, and process automation to help any company at any stage of growth.