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Heather Park
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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Property Management Website?

Written by Heather Park
Nov 04, 2019   |   12:00:00 PM

Before the days of the internet, people had to walk up to physical storefronts. Imagine if you have a shop with an excellent location that people visit reasonably frequently. Imagine your store sells clothing, and you have nice goods to sell. Now imagine people looking into your window, and they see:

  • Clothes from five years ago—and you're not a thrift store.
  • Mannequins with dangling arms and creepily crooked heads.
  • Pictures of people who don't work there anymore behind the register.

How would that affect your business? There's no doubt that you would quickly straighten things out or lose any hope of sales. You can see this happening across the country in other industries as well: those who fail to modernize are quickly left behind.

It's the same with your website. Your web presence is the "storefront" of your business! It not only helps pull visitors in or push them away; your site also helps create new customers. To fully leverage the power of the internet, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Awesome responsive web design development side vector displays property management websiteCheck for Broken Links and Fix Them

A link is "broken" when it doesn't lead to the right spot. Most of the time, a broken link isn't your fault at all. When the page was written, the link went to exactly the right location. Sometimes, a website or a bit of information can move. In that case, the old link to it would be useless.

On the other hand, now and then, a broken link comes from a mistake made while creating the page. A common mistake is to link to a page within your website but then take that page's information and combine it with that of another one. This error erases the first page, leaving the link without a destination.

Check all of the links on your pages to make sure they are bringing visitors to a useful place. This also serves to highlight that your information is sourced credibly and enhances your Google presence.

Update Staff Photos and Contact Information

It can be simultaneously awkward and a little funny when the wrong photo pops up on a page, but this kind of error can also have serious consequences. If the staff page wrongly includes someone who no longer works there and their current employer comes across it, they could question their loyalty. More importantly, your potential customers want a face to go with each name. The integrity of your company may be challenged if the pictures are inaccurate. If anything points out that you don't care about your website, it's this.

Accurate contact information is equally important. Even though many assume a phone number and email are enough, an inaccurate office phone number or email can damage the credibility of the business. An organization looks disorganized and lackadaisical if it posts the wrong contact information—this could make potential clients think twice.

Ensure Accurate Google My Business Information

Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent tool to help future clients find your business in their area. If the information provided to GMB is inaccurate, the clientele you would have attracted may get lost. It may also end up in the portfolio of a competitor! To make sure this doesn't happen, you should double-check and update your GMB info.

Your GMB profile should have your location, phone numbers, and your website. If you changed your website's URL, this wouldn't automatically update in GMB's database. You will have to go in and manually redo it. Think of these other potential problem areas:

  • Have you changed the DBA name of the business?
  • If your business name has changed, maybe you also changed the URL.
  • Do you have the same business phone number as before?
  • Did your business begin by using a cell phone number but then change to using a dedicated business phone?
  • Have you physically moved your property management business—even if it's within the same building?

These types of changes are common, and it's easy to overlook the need to adjust your GMB info accordingly.

Social network user login property management websiteCarefully Read Your Website

A careful read of your website can reveal a lot of little discrepancies that may be hurting your business. Give it a gander while looking out for the following:

  • Accurate information: Maybe your understanding of something discussed on your site has evolved since you wrote the page content. You should double-check.
  • Typos: Typos usually aren't the end of the world, but they do reflect poorly on your business. It's similar to a blemish on an outfit. A spot on your suit won't change the whole suit, but it may be the only thing people remember.
  • A pleasing layout: Is your site easy to read? Is the spacing correct? How does it look on a mobile device? You should check all of this.

Make Sure No One Is Stealing Your Content!

You can use Copyscape to check if your content is popping up on another page; a basic comparison check is free. For a reasonable fee, you can do a more detailed investigation. If your content is popping up elsewhere, your competition's site may be ranking higher in search engine results. Your competition could be combining your content with other features of the site, which could make it rank higher than yours!

These checks don't take too long and are well worth the effort. Take the time to straighten out your mannequins, update the employee of the month, and refresh those clothes. With a few easy steps, customers will be doing more than just window shopping! 

Given that property managers manage an incredibly valuable asset, your website must be seriously competitive if you want to be taken seriously. Even with these updates, there could be facets to your website that you just don't catch on your own. That's why Rent Bridge is here to help: we work for property managers like you! Our goal is to make sure your business succeeds. If the task of modernizing your web presence sounds exhausting with all the work you already do when growing your doors, reach out to us! A consultation could be just what you need.

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