What Lead Capture Opportunities Does Rent Bridge Create?


Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

Rent Bridge uses A/B testing to continuously improve the landing pages we create for our clients. We test headings, call to action buttons, form fields, copy, images, and colors, then update your landing pages based on the results of that testing. 


Chatbots allow users to interact with your AI to self-qualify before being routed to your sales team. Property owners can answer a series of questions that give your sales team the information they need to be helpful right away.

Subscription Options

Blog and newsletter subscriptions are some of the shortest forms a user can fill out, generally only requiring an email. This low barrier to entry is enticing to owners who are not ready to give more information. We nurture these leads using blog posts.

Optimized Forms

We measure what pages on your website are getting the most traffic from search results and direct traffic and place forms on these pages to capture leads when they are at their most engaged.

Behavior Triggered Popups

Rent Bridge creates behavior triggered popups, such as an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter when a user moves to exit the page. By making a popup behavior-based, we ensure we do not interrupt users that are already likely to convert.

Generating Property Management Leads

Content marketing, when used with pay per leads programs, can create the fastest results for your property management business. Using Google Ads, social media, and search engine optimization to promote content offers will increase your lead generation results.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Efforts

Every lead is different. Some people prefer to use chatbots, some prefer contact us forms, and others prefer a phone call when seeking more information. If you do not give a user their preferred method of communication, they are less likely to become your client because they will bounce off of your website and look for one that is more user-friendly to them.


Creating a lead capture plan as part of your digital marketing strategy will help your marketing dollars go further and ensure you don’t miss an owner that is ready to be a lead. 


Rent Bridge continuously updates our client websites to add more conversion opportunities and fresh content. Contact us to learn how your property management company can benefit from our inbound marketing services.


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