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August 24, 2021
11:00 AM - 4:30 PM (ET)

An experiential leadership event featuring exciting new speakers!

Hosted by Second Nature, NARPM, and Rent Bridge

Why Property Managers have rated PMLX 9.9/10

There was a clear investment in the technology and planning, and that made for a professional experience that I enjoyed and set the standard for virtual experiences.

Jennifer Ruelens

One Focus Property Management

Very well done, thought out, and executed! Made several connections with other PM folks and learned from them as well.

Mark Zimmerman

Renters Warehouse Houston

Great event. Appreciate the effort and the flawless execution from a tech perspective.

Peter McKenzie

Rincon Property Management

Are You Ready To Level Up?

We asked “How could we create a $1,000 experience, unlike anything else…
for under $100/ticket…
and donate 100% of proceeds to charity?”

Experience an event like none other. You’ll leave feeling energized, invigorated, and inspired. Your property management business is ready to take you to the next level—but do you know how to get there? Sometimes, all of the property management knowledge in the world is distilled and already at your disposal. However, the keys to elevating your business require more than industry knowledge.

That’s why we’ve put together an experiential learning event that can help property management business owners think outside of the property management box and help you level up! If you’re wondering what you can do to see immediate results from your business, the time to register is now!

From the comfort of your home, office, or home office, you’ll participate in this ground-breaking virtual event!

Tickets start at $49 for NARPM members. Want to bring your whole team? Team tickets start at $97 for NARPM members.

This once-in-a-lifetime event takes place August 24, 2021. You will not want to miss this opportunity!

Our Game Changing Format Creates



It's not a webinar. You are not a spectator. You are an active participant. Interact and connect with other attendees and presenters in real-time!



Collaborate LIVE with others throughout each session. Stay connected after the event!



Experience the conversations property managers need to engage in NOW for growth! These discussions are relevant, timely, and effective. 

Position Yourself for Exponential Growth 

Creating exponential growth—and we’re not talking about your workload—for your property management business is possible!

This virtual, interactive event will show you how to make it happen through:

Real-time transformation

Real-time transformation and momentum

It’s time to see genuine change in your business!

Powerful Insights

Powerful insights that you can apply IMMEDIATELY

Do more than hit the ground running.

benefits Xchange

The benefits of XCHANGE

This is the same industry-leading approach used by Facebook, NASA, BMW, and Nike to unlock collective wisdom and create rapid growth!

Register TODAY for Full Access!

Registration unlocks access to the wisdom of powerful guest speakers and participation in live sessions, including:

Real-time masterminding Real-time masterminding-white

Real-Time Masterminding

50% of your time will be in conversation with peers, transforming your big ideas into clear and actionable plans

Exclusive Thought Leaders Exclusive Thought Leaders white

Exclusive Thought Leaders

Connect with experts on relevant topics you won’t find anywhere else.

Industry Specific Experts Industry Specific Experts  White

Industry-Specific Experts

They do more than share best practices… they spark conversation and collaboration.

And More…!

Why Property Managers have rated PMLX 9.9/10

I really felt that I came away from this event with more info than I would normally get at an in-person conference. You guys did an amazing job. I had all of my management staff participating. 

Bryan Jenkins

AHI Properties

This is the best online event I've ever attended! So fun! The event was highly energized, fast-paced with smooth transitions, and I made new connections through great small group interaction opportunities. It's like going to a top quality in-person conference but way cheaper and more efficient.

DD Lee

Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Very impressed with the level of organization, communication, and productivity of this event. The panel and speakers shared timely and relevant content that promoted interesting and productive break-out discussions with industry colleagues. This was one of the most effective conferences I've been to, even more so than in-person events.

David Fisher

HomeRiver Group-Boise

Let Us Sweeten the Deal for You

We want your property management business to level up as much as you do! Are you still not convinced you’re ready for exponential growth?

When you register today, you’ll also receive a limited-time Sponsored Attendee Benefits Package worth more than the cost of registration!

You have nothing to lose by investing your time—and yourself in this incredible event: only everything to gain.

We believe with absolute certainty that this event can change the momentum of your business! To show you we meant business, in 2020 we guaranteed satisfaction for this event.

Our average event score last year was 9.9/10 so we are doing it again! Last year we had over 99% satisfaction so the pressure is on us to deliver 100% satisfaction this year.

If you don’t love your experience this year, we’ll refund DOUBLE your ticket price!

We know you’ll also appreciate that you’re supporting a worthy cause with your registration fee!

100% of the proceeds from this event support NARPM and Meals on Wheels.


Why Property Managers have rated PMLX 9.9/10

Invaluable....I am zoomed out on meetings, but this was not the "norm." Interactive and full of information and connection!

Jenni Utz

UTZ Property Management

I am just blown away with this conference! It was crazy fun actually looking forward to a Monday and I have gained so much from these last two days.

Megan Zellers

RMS Team at RE/MAX Center

Thought provoking speakers from outside property management. Time in groups to discuss implementation of ideas as applied to our business model. Much more likely to make changes after this process than after just being an audience member. Great to hash things over with peers.

Sherry Young

Select PCS Property Management

List of Attendees to this year's event!

Yuriy Skripnichenko
Trustart Realty

Ed Swauger
Francis Taylor Properties

Jim Roman
National Speaker & Business Coach

Joe Grammatico
Keyrenter Contra Costa Property Management

Marita Dorr
Virginia Properties and Management Services LLC

Alicia Maldonado
Twin Falls Property Management, LLC

Rebecca Yuriy
Henderson Management & Real Estate LLC

Alex Rojas
Elite Pacific Properties

Rick Short
Firemark Property Management

Marisa Kagan
Avenues Realty America

Stephanie Sparks
Sparks and Company Real Estate

Jodi Linkenhoker
Anchor Down Property Management

Melanie Price
1836 Property Management

Russell Shuster
Real Property Management - North Point

Sara Huber
DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC

Dale Huber
DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC

Renee Hill
DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC

Korey Mathers
DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC

Ashley Felman
DS Huber Real Estate Group LLC

Jessica Allen
Ameritex Property Management

Candice Blair
Niguel Point Properties

Karen Smith
Power West Propertis

Jessica Foster
Atrium Management

Devin Bewley
Legacy Properties-PM LLC.

Susan Albern
Redcliff Management, LLC

Aleka DeGraaf
Acorn + Oak Property Management

Christine Savoie
Trustmark Property Management

Ian Joseph
The Joseph Group

Jessica Zilka
GPM Property Management

Kristi Lawrence
Straight Up Realty & Property Management LLC

Zee Bhimji
RPM Chicago Group

Yvonne Espinoza
PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

Antonio Salinas
Home and Away

Trish Ferrier
First Class Realty

Anne McCawley
Bennett Property Management, Inc.

Kyle Hendricks
Hendricks Property Management LLC

Demetria Kalfas-Gordon
Demetria Kalfas-Gordon

Angela Ochoa
Success Realty

Jamie Williams
Clockwise Property Management

Kelli Perfect
Clockwise Property Management

Ernestine Wilson
Ernestine J Wilson Real Estate LLC

Mark Brower
Mark Brower Properties

Curtis Dudley
IT In Flow LLC

Raymond Scarabosio
Jackson Group Property Management, Inc.

Sylvia Erickson
Crown Property Management

Michael Erickson
Crown Property Management

Robin Erickson
Crown Property Management

Derek Seal
Maxfield Property Management

Lisa Medina
Suburban Spaces

Terri Juvan
Integrity Realty Management

Lawrence Leung
KeyOpp Property Management

Anna Palileo
KeyOpp Property Management

Jacky Wong
KeyOpp Property Management

Nathan Maleewong
KeyOpp Property Management

Myly Dao
KeyOpp Property Management

Jesu Sode
KeyOpp Property Management

Michael McVety
Red Fortress

Laurie Perschbacher
MAP Property Management

Karen Jordan
HBR Rentals

Jodi Williams
Steady Property Management

Leeann Ghiglione
John L Scott Seattle northwest

Ariel Horn
Frontline Property Management Inc

Michael McCreary
McCreary Realty Management, Inc., AMO

Brad Randall
Welch Randall PM

Kathy Rieger
Better Realty Services LLC

Josh Stone
RentPro Property Management

Judith Kaake
Marda Management Inc

Dale Coffin
Marda Management Inc

Alicia Bressler
Century 21 Gold

Barbara Godfrey
Real Property Management Platinum

Kimberly Urrea
1st Capitol Realty

Art Pavlenko
Enko Properties

Sean Kelly
All County Medallion Property Management

Timothy Harstead
Chicago Style management LLC

Lucretia Martin
Chicago Style management LLC

Viktor Strayer
The Legacy Property Management Company

Angela Holman
Premier Property Management

David Pruitt
David Pruitt

Dana Steffan
Rental Real Estate

David Kerner
TouchPoint Property Management

Adam Cunningham
Call Realty Property Management

Amber Mcdade
Realty Boulevard

Shannon M Cornell
PMI Arrico Realty and Property Management (Lakeland)

Keri Heramb
Dorman Real Estate

Darren Hoefgen
Top Performance Property Management

Michael Connolly
East Bay Property Management

Phillip Vera
Auben Realty

Fred Thompson
REMAX 200 Realty

Angela Bailey
One Door Realty, Inc.

Michael Ward
One Door Realty, Inc.

Amber Coppler
HomeWorks Property Management

Adam Roberts

Steve Kottakis
Nickel City Property Management

Joe Newtz
Premier Property Management Services

Adam Wotell
Orange Realty Group, LLC

Susan Goulding
Crown Key Realty, Inc

Alex Yoder
Dorman Real Estate Management

Maranda Hunnicutt
Foothills Property Management of Anderson, LLC

Haley Ballieu
Foothills Property Management of Anderson, LLC

Ashley Leach
Foothills Property Management of Anderson, LLC

Brittany Franklin
Foothills Property Management of Anderson, LLC

Michelle Kerr
Arizona Living Rentals and Property Management Llc

Christine Goodin, MPM
PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

Melissa Prandi, MPM
PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

Matt Prandi Borries, RMP
PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

Pam Taeuffer
Healdsburg Property Management

Michael Krause
Atrium Management Company

Carla Browne
Real Property Management Professionals Inc.

Jennifer Ruelens
One Focus Property Management

Jessica Duncan
512-Society, P.M.

Loran Duncan
512-Society, P.M.

Lauren Andrews
512-Society, P.M.

Claire Schwartz
Claire Schwartz & Associates, LLC

Betty Brown
TransCity Property Management

Jenni Utz
UTZ Property Management

Pamela Greene
PG Management Group, LLC

Trent Ratliff
All 3 Realty

Regina Ingram
Results Property Management

Melanie Thomas

Matthew Tandy
Formatic Property Management, Inc.

Janet Sprissler
Formatic Property Management, Inc.

Kevin McGuire
Formatic Property Management, Inc.

Francisco Nieves-Taranto

Melissa Prandi
PRANDI Property Management

DD Lee
Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Amanda Trott
Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Clint Setser
Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Zoe Roberts
Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Maying Ray
Skyline Properties Group, Inc

Trey Cummings
Omega Realty Group

John Ashley
Omega Realty Group

Randi Lambert
Omega Realty Group

Rima Patel
Omega Realty Group

Michele Conrad
Omega Realty Group

Cody Reeder
Reeder Asset Management

Scott Abernathy
PMI Professionals

Kevin Patterson
Rent Source Corp.

Scotty Mitchell
American Real PM

Chris Rosprim
Texas Realty Team

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