Blogging to Support Your Inbound Efforts

To successfully use inbound marketing to grow your property management website traffic and leads, you need to have a variety of relevant, useful content on your website.

Blogging is a great way to continue to create relevant content that keeps property owner leads coming back to your website over time. Generally, a lead will come to a website when they first realize they need help managing their investment. They will likely visit a few different sites while learning about the options they have. By writing an interesting blog, you give that lead a reason to return again and again as you post new content that will help them solve their problems with their rental property.

Rent Bridge includes property management blog posts in all of our inbound marketing packages because this content format brings consistent traffic growth to our client’s websites.

Why Property Management Companies Need a Blog

Blogging answers questions, increases SEO, and builds trust. By creating an audience of interested readers, you create return visitors. Return visitors begin to see you as the go-to expert on the topic they are interested in: the management of their property.

Regularly updating your property management blog will not only help position you as the property management expert in your area, it also improves your SEO and can help you place higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). How does regular blogging for property management increase SEO?

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Blogging is a smart way to naturally increase the number of keywords your property management website ranks for. Instead of trying to awkwardly add keywords to your website, adding new posts to your blog that answer the questions your leads are asking naturally increases your keywords and the relevance of your site to your leads. It also helps you get found for location-based searches by adding location keywords to your site.

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New Unique Content

Search engines look for websites that are updated regularly. It is a signal that the site is still active, and users can stay up to date by reading it. Adding more content on a subject to cover the topic thoroughly also increases relevance, showing the search engines how much your website is a resource about real estate investing.

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Other SEO Benefits

Great content serves many purposes. When done right, a blog will have internal and external links. A blog should have relevant images with alt attribute tags. Blogs that help your SEO efforts instead of hurting them will have 100% unique content that is a great resource for your leads.

Rent Bridge offers an Original Content Guarantee to all of our marketing clients. This means your blog content will not be copied from other sites, it will be curated and written for your business by our expert team of property management professionals. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how blogging can help your property management business.

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