What Is a Content Offer?


A content offer is a digital asset that is a foundational element of inbound marketing, such as an ebook, guide, or a checklist. A good content offer will provide value to your prospects and help prospects find the information they are seeking or help them accomplish a goal. By giving your visitors a content offer in exchange for contact information, you can generate leads—leads that are easier to sell your services to. 

When you use HubSpot for inbound marketing and your potential customers fill out a form in exchange for a content offer, you learn a lot about them. HubSpot’s marketing automation software will show you what pages your lead viewed and what they did on your site. When combined with the information they gave you downloading your offer, you have a hot lead that is easier to sell to because you know what topics they are searching for, what they need help with.

Property Management Companies Need Content Marketing

If the only focus of your property management website is selling your services, you are missing a ton of lead-generating opportunities. A content offer isn’t the only piece of content you should have on your website. Property owners come to your website looking for information, and you should provide that in many forms such as blog posts, helpful newsletters, ebooks, and how-to guides.

Converting More Leads Using Content Offers

Effective marketing strategies are built to meet your users where they are in the buyer’s journey. A user in the awareness stage is going to want different information that a user in the decision stage.


Rent Bridge uses buyer personas built for your property management business to help us target the right content for the right visitors. For every content offer, we build a complete funnel with automated emails, social media posts, and a conversion-optimized landing page with a call to action that gets results. 


Our time working in the property management industry has provided us with the unique experience necessary to create marketing campaigns that get leads for our clients.


Do You Need More Leads?

If your website isn’t getting the leads you need to grow your business, contact Rent Bridge. We don’t only provide marketing automation for our clients; we also build custom websites that are already optimized for SEO and conversion for our clients, so you can grow your business.

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