BizDev In a Box

A Full LeadSimple Sales Portal Configuration

LeadSimple and Rent Bridge have teamed up to bring you the most powerful lead nurturing configuration in the industry.

What happens when a CRM built for property managers gets content written by experts in property management marketing? You get a business development solution that converts, right out of the box.

But we’ll let Jordan and Michael tell you more...

Final Lead Simple RB BDevINaBox


An automated approach to client acquisition and lead nurturing so you can focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.


Sales Email Templates

  • 144 Unique Email Templates Tailored for Property Management
  • Content Written by Property Managers, for Property Managers
  • Emails Specifically Designed for Each Stage of the Buyer Journey
  • SMS Text Message Templates

Stages & Workflows

  • 27 Stage Configurations & Setup
    • Potential Lead Stages
    • Educational Circle Back Stages
    • Prospect Nurturing Stages
    • Onboarding Stages
    • Current Client & Delight Stages
  • 164 Automated Workflow Steps
    • Automated Sales Emails
    • Best Practice Lead Conversion Plan
    • Triggered Responses
    • Timed Delivery
    • Automated Tasks
    • Realtor Referral Lead Nurturing

Campaigns to Convert & Delight

  • Lead Conversion Campaigns
    • Ongoing Educational Drip
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Brand Awareness
    • Free Rental Analysis
    • Realtor Referral
  • Customer Delight & Education Campaigns
    • Affirming Your Company’s Value
    • Topical Educational Content
    • Owner Referral Opportunities
    • Never Lose a Customer Again

Additional Features

  • Included Landing Pages
    • Free Rental Analysis Landing Page
    • Realtor Referral Landing Page
    • Best Practices for Landing Page Conversions
  • Lead Conversion Tools
    • Embedded Call-To-Action Buttons
    • Integrated Meeting Request Links
    • Optimized Template Language Specific to Property Management

BizDev In a Box Package Pricing



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  2. Provide Customization Information to Rent Bridge

    You will receive an email with instructions to provide the links for your contact us page, blog, scheduling link, & review link. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these… we can help with that too!

  3. Rent Bridge Installs

    We will install the BizDev in a Box templates & workflows in your LeadSimple portal.

  4. Schedule Your Implementation Call

    We will help you go live with your templates & workflows, as well as answer any questions you may have.

  5. GO LIVE!