Rent Bridge offers social media marketing for our PMMA clients. Our standard package involves three posts per week on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our social media marketing strategy begins with the 80/20 rule, where we post 80% helpful content for landlords following the inbound methodology, and 20% of posts promoting content offers and property management services.

From there, we regularly monitor what social media channels and content is creating the most brand awareness, and adjust our strategy to ensure the social media content we post is the perfect mix for engagement.

Does Social Media Matter?

A lot of our clients ask us if it is worth it to post to social media. Remember the buyer’s journey. Most people don’t have a property management company in mind the moment they decide they need help with their rental properties. They start by doing research. 

With nearly 80% of the adult population of the United States using social media, you want to have an active, relevant, and helpful social media presence; don’t miss out on potential leads.

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Additional Social Media Services

Social media management is about more than posting. We offer the following services for our PMMA clients.

Account-Creation Account-Creation-Hover

Account Creation & Optimization

Create or optimize social media accounts. If you do not have them, we will create your business profiles for you and add your basic information as well as a cover photo and profile photo optimized for each platform so you can present your business professionally.

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Account Monitoring

We let you know if a user has sent you a message or commented on your posts and have not received a response.

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Retargeting & Paid Ad Support

We offer paid ads services as an add-on to our inbound marketing packages. We can use retargeting and custom social media ads to bring users back to your site to keep them aware and engaged.

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Social Listening

Is there something you would like to monitor social media activity for? Using HubSpot, we can set up social listening channels for you, so you can cut out the noise and go straight to the posts that matter to you.

Are you interested in a social media service not listed on this page? Contact us! We will be happy to create a custom social media campaigns that meet your needs.

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